Do you have the right tools?

EV technology is expanding rapidly and some dealerships are ill-equipped to respond to the increased demand from interested buyers.  Buying an electric vehicle is very different from buying a conventional vehicle and should be treated different at the dealership level.

Are you ready to answer questions like: How do I charge at home? How do I claim the government rebate for a home charging station? How much does it cost to charge at home and in public? How do I charge in public?

Mogile Tech’s ChargeHub Dealer Program is specifically designed to answer these questions and provide an excellent customer experience.


Solutions made for you

Mogile Technologies is proud to support electric vehicle manufacturers and their dealerships in their goal to increase electric vehicle adoption.The ChargeHub Dealer Program is turnkey and customized for you.  Our interactive solutions provides EV education for the dealership staff and their customers to make sure that a potential EV buyer always gets their questions answered.


Point of sales

ncluded in the dealer program is a simple home charging point of sale solution. Your EV customers can order the most popular home charging stations directly from your sales staff computers. Mogile delivers the stations in 24-72 hours and assists customers with government rebates, installation questions and more. Your customer thus leaves the dealership with everything he needs to charge his new car.


World Class Support

The Mogile Tech team is here to support you!

A dealer can always contact our team and get their EV questions answered quickly and accurately.  This helps them provide world class service to their customers.

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